Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Oilseed rape varieties for every situation

Due to the wide portfolio, the DSV winter oilseed rape varieties offer a solution for every oilseed rape grower. The basis for this is the firmly established breeding, which focuses on all the important breeding targets for oilseed rape. The requirements of a oilseed rape variety can vary depending on the growing region. Under maritime climate conditions, it is primarily diseases such as Phoma lingam or Verticillium longisporum, which can reduce yields. On the other hand, under continental climate conditions, abiotic factors such as drought stress tolerance or winter hardiness are of great significance. To breed varieties that are optimally aligned to the local conditions, DSV operates a tight network of trials in 'Europe’s rape growing belt'. Furthermore, the DSV has its own breeding stations throughout Europe like e.g. in the Ukraine, where there are around 14,000 plots at three locations for Season 14/15.

And this year established varieties like MARATHON, DIFFUSION, INSPIRATION or EDIMAX CL are available for cultivation. These and other varieties already have proven their performance and stability both in trials and practically over a number of years. Furthermore, this year the new promising genetics are ready for marketing for the first time. A special mention here goes to the varieties EINSTEIN, DALTON and ORIOLUS. They have confirmed their excellent performances in official trials as cultivation samples in the appropriate relevant rape growing areas.

In the area HOLLi (High Oleic Low Linoleic acid) oilseed rape, the varieties V 316 OL and V 324 OL achieve the same yield level as conventional oilseed rape varieties, and thereby contribute to a considerable extension of the culture. Their cultivation is only under contract for the food industry.

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