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EUROCORDUS most valuable under dry conditions!

The Dutch turfgrass guide (GrasGids) scores varieties on their drought tolerance. The variety that stands out is EUROCORDUS (Lolium perenne). This variety is listed for sports turfs as well as recreational lawns. EUROCORDUS scores 1.0 higher than the average Lolium perenne in GrasGids. Using a variety like EUROCORDUS means you can save on watering. This not only reduces the costs for irrigation, it also enhances the sustainable use of water. The right varieties provide an advantage in terms of sustainable use of both money and water.
Germination requires three prerequisites: Oxygen, temperature and water. Without one of these three components, the germination process will not begin.
For oxygen, management is the key. By using the right machines at the right time, you can ensure that enough oxygen enters the soil. It is not possible for most of us to influence the temperature. Of course we can use varieties that are selected for germination at low temperatures to get an advantage. Most field managers have to wait until temperatures rise. However, coupled to rising temperatures is a lack of rain.
For optimal germination of the grass seeds, enough water has to reach the seeds. It is not possible for everyone to irrigate their soccer pitch, lawn or golf course. Others choose a more sustainable approach and prefer to irrigate as little as possible. Here, variety selection is the key.
EUROCORDUS does not only offer you a sustainable way to save on water use. It is also a double purpose variety. This means it has the robustness required for a soccer pitch combined with the looks of a recreational lawn.

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