There are factors that mean that the recommended seed rate per hectare can be adjusted. For example, in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones it can be advantageous to ensure a denser crop by using a higher sowing rate, as nitrogen fertilisation is limited. The sowing technique and sowing date also have an impact on the ideal sowing rate per hectare

Our seed rate calculator for TerraLife® CoverCrops helps you to find the correct sowing rate per hectare for your farm!
Please choose your TerraLife® Mixture
When is the desired sowing date?
early (end of June – mid of July)
normal (mid of July – end of August)
late (end of August – mid of September)
Is the sowing done as
blank seed
direct sowing
mulch sowing
Spreading device in combination with a soil tillage implement
Are emergence difficulties due to e. g. weeds, volunteer plants, mice, etc. to be expected?

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